BECAUSERC.CO b is a site that was set out to be a showcase for cars and the modding scene centred around Malaysia.

A hub built for the Malaysian car enthusiasts,  we do not comply to narrow definitions, we simply post things that are exciting and inspiring about the automotive world.

Our mission is to seek out the most exciting tuner cars and unique modifications and to share it with our fellow car aficionados. Not forgetting to educate the people around us about the technical knowledge of the automotive world and updates on the latest motorsport news and help each other grow as an enthusiast.

We humbly ask you to join and support us.

Our passion is what drives us.


Brian Ang

Founder, Author, Photojournalist, MItsubishi Evolution Adherent

Brian with Daijiro Inada during Retro Havoc 2015


Welcome to becauserc.my! This will be the first post and allow me to introduce myself. I am one of the founders of this site and am obviously a huge car buff. I particularly have a huge interest in the time attack scene and an admirer of Evos, Supras as well as all the other 90s thru 00s era JDMs.The reason why I wanted to start this site with Alex is because, well, why not? Welcome aboard & I hope you will like our content and do stick around!







Alex Lee

Co-founder, Marketer, Site Manager, Photographer

Alex with Daijiro Inada during Retro Havoc 2015


A geek born with lots of love for the automobile. Have specific interests on cars, cameras and gadgets which in the end, came to be an expert on. Currently being molded into the world of Mechatronic Engineering. Have also a compulsive disorder for engine bay cleanliness but can sleep in a room full of laundry. Prefer to sit on a sofa but can enjoy a bumpy ride. Fascinated by numbers or units such as minutes and seconds, kW, kg/mm and etc. Believe that every cars has a soul of its own, and they shouldn’t be mistreated.

Using becauserc.my as a platform, I hope to travel around the globe to seek for the most tastefully modified cars.





Sean Ahmad

Editor, Contributor, Driver, Pilot

sean ahmadSean has been a car enthusiast pretty much from birth and, when he turned out to be a terrible business student decided flying planes was a better career option. He currently uses an S2000 as a daily and has owned and driven cars ranging from AE86’s to R34 GT-R’s to 981 Boxsters. When he’s not off flying to far and exotic places, he is busy polishing the pages of becauseRC with a cigarette and a cup of coffee in hand. Aah.