Master Of Details – Jack’s EVO VII

Coincidentally, all the EVO we featured for EVO month special always use my favorite front bumper for it. C-West front bumper as found in Jack’s EVO is my #1 favorite front bumper an EVO.

There are car’s that you see and you know you have to feature it. Jack’s Lancer Evolution VII is one of those car. I first knew about this car from the now defunct magazine issue #06 because they did a feature on this very Lancer Evolution VII when BRC is not even an idea yet. It took me quite awhile to find out who is the owner and asked for the feature. For the third feature of our Lancer Evolution special, we bring you a build that will stand up to the test of time as Jack builds this car for no one but himself.


The ride height may seem a little bit high, this is because Jack intend to keep his car 100% streetable.

Instead of the more commonly used Voltex rear diffuser, Jack opted for a Varis rear diffuser for EVO IX bumper. Personally, I prefer the design of Varis to Voltex.

The Lancer Evolution VII is the most common Lancer Evolution in Malaysia. All of this is down to timing. It came out in a time when car financing terms were much more favorable with lower interest rates, higher loan margins and longer repayment periods compared to previously. While the Lancer Evolution is still by no means a common sight on the road, the Evolution VII is the most common generation. Because it is part of the CT9A chassis or third generation Lancer Evolution based on the Lancer Cedia chassis, it shares a lot in common with subsequent Lancer Evolutions. As a matter of fact, Jack’s EVO VII has a few upgrades from the later Lancer Evolution such as the 6 speed manual gearbox, Lancer Evolution IX faux carbon A/C vent trim panel,smoked headlight/tailights from the Lancer Evolution IX along with the rear bumper from the Lancer Evolution IX. Such is the joy of the Lancer Evolution where you can pick and mix the best bits you like into one car.

Parts such as Ralliart 300KM/H gauge cluster, Works Bell steering wheel and Ralliart single din GSR specific radio cover are some of the rare parts for interior.

While the seat spot headrest and side rest protection from Bride, it is actually a Corbeau Pro Series full carbon fiber seat.

The 7 point roll bar is a custom item from Ultra Racing that is specifically fabricated for Jack’s EVO VII.

It is fair to say that this particular Lancer Evolution VII is lucky enough to have Jack as its owner. Jacks interest in the Lancer Evolution developed during the heyday of the Lancer Evolution WRC days when Jack was still a university student. Iconic drivers such as Colin McRae, Marcus Gronholm and Tommi Makinen were his heroes. He owned a Satria GTI prior. After the chance to test drive a friend’s Satria GTI during his early adulthood, he bought one when he had the means to do so. During his ownership, the Satria GTI was pretty well modded with coil on plugs, turbo etc. However, like fate for a lot of Satria GTIs, unintended change of ownership took place to his own Satria GTI too. So, he decided to get a Lancer Evolution that he had always wanted and the rest as they say, is history.

As mentioned in the article, Jack’s engine bay is amazing. You can spot detail such as vacuum hard line, a lot of an fitting, heat shield and well co-ordinated colour scheme. While it may not be flashy, it will stood to test of time.


Here is all the an fitting and hardline. The only non hardline in the picture is the hose/nozzle for Coolingmist water methanol injection kit.

Judging from the mod list, it is fair to say Jack is a very meticulous owner. There is a lot of parts not commonly found in a street EVO such as the Syvecs S6 standalone ECU with plug and play harness, Quaife helical ATB center differential, a Shepard Racing 4.09 final drive for the 6 speed manual transmission, full hard line for vacuum hoses etc. As a matter of fact, Jack’s EVO is the first car i came across ever with hard line for vacuum hoses! The cost and labour to do this dictates that only the most dedicated owners with serious attention to detail will go down this route. When Jack popped up his engine hood, there was certainly a wow factor to it. The theme is co-ordinated well with yellow and black as the theme and I have never ever seen this much of AN fitting in an engine bay. Jack shows that, with some planning and knowing what you want, you can have an aesthetically pleasing engine bay while still remaining highly practical/functional.

Coolingmist water/methanol injection system pump and reservoir combo along with trunk battery relocation.

The wing mount is affixed to a larger CF plate to provide support for the gt wing as Jack is worried that the CF trunk is not strong enough support the load and he is not keen on repeating the Cyber EVO WTAC 2010 incident.

Jack try to be cheeky by affixing a Ralliart logo to the grille area of C-West front bumper.

Besides the appearance of the engine bay, Jack did experiment with different engine configurations. His first built engine was a common 100mm stroke 2.3L build. While this provides a lot of torque, he is itching to try something more radical. So, he commissioned GT Auto to build him one of their signature 93mm stroke based 2.2L engine. A configuration like this with longer connecting rod will lessen the side load which is a desirable characteristic for higher revving performance engines. To further increase the reliability factor of the engine, he sent the piston rings, piston pins, engine bearing and oil pump to be WPC treated. WPC treatment is said to reduce friction and it is not a procedure commonly done locally. Paired to a custom machined TD05HRA-16G6C-10.5T turbocharger with GTX3076 spec internal, 450WHP@1.6bar and 490WHP@1.9bar is archived on GT Auto’s in house Dynojet machine. Jack is super happy with the outcome of the new engine build and it is one of his favorite mods ever done. The other favorite of his is the wheel choice/fitment in the form of Volk Racing’s TE37SL Black Edition 18×9.5+22. This is certainly a suitable choice of wheel for a build of this caliber.


The side mirror is a TCS CF item. It is not a common item found locally.

To properly fit the Voltex style rear overfender and allow for more aggressive wheel fitment, rear quarter panel need to be cut. Jack have that done to utilize the advantage of rear overfender.

Jack mainly uses this car as his touge machine with occasional trackday visits. Don’t be surprised if you spot him on the touge route that everybody loves on the weekend. Overall, Jack is pretty happy with where the car is currently. He would love to make improvements to the braking, cooling and aero for the future. Don’t dismiss the possibility of an EFR turbocharger setup though. Till then, this EVO VII will remain Jack’s pride and joy for the foreseeable future and will continue evolve.

Wheel fitment shot. Despite not being the most aggressive setup, Jack is happy with the fitment.


Jack’s Lancer Evolution VII specification:

Car: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII GSR

Power: 450WHP at 1.6bar, 490WHP at 1.9bar on GT Auto Dynojet


GT Auto 2.2 Long Rod stroker kit consisting of  93mm crankshaft,156mm connecting rod and Wiseco 1400HD 87mm forged piston with ceramic coating

WPC treated engine bearing, oil pump, piston pin and ring

AMS/Moroso oil pan

Balancer shaft delete

GT Auto ported cylinder head

GSC S2 274/274 degrees duration camshaft

BC titanium valve retainer and valve spring

Stainless steel +1mm valve on intake and exhaust

Manganese bronze valves guide

Kiggly HLA(Hydraulic lash adjuster) regulator

ARP L19 headstud

ARP connecting rod bolt

Cosworth Headgasket

Custom baffled oil catch tank with K&N breather

STM -6 breather fitting


Skunk2 intake manifold (Ported matched to head port)

S90 70mm throttle body

Custom intake pipe

K&N intake filter


Ganador Titan cat back exhaust

3” downpipe, cat converter delete pipe with v-band flange and ceramic coated

Custom Nimbus Motorsport exhaust manifold heat shield

Tonnka exhaust manifold for stock turbo flange with external wastegate, ceramic coated


TD05HRA-16G6C-10.5T turbo (Compressor & turbine housing) with custom Garrett GTX3076 spec billet compressor wheel, CHRA & turbine wheel

Tial 38mm external Wastegate with 1 bar spring

HKS SSQV III blow off valve


Greddy intercooler kit with piping

Custom radiator swirl pot

Coolingmist water/methanol injection kit

Harris performance water/methanol injection controller

Aluminum Radiator

Setrab oil cooler

Thermostat oil cooler sandwich plate


Dynatech ARC II CDI ignition amplifier

Denso Iridium IW24 spark plug

Engine Bay Accessories          

Custom powercoated valve cover

Custom hardline & AN fitting for vacuum line


FIC 1000cc injector

Walbro 400LPH E85 compatible fuel pump

Sard type RJ fuel pressure regulator with gauge and fuel pressure sensor

All nylon braided stainless steel hose with AN -6 fitting


Syvecs S6 standalone ECU

Plug and play harness

Syvecs boost control knob

Engine map calibrated by GT Auto

Perrin 3 port boost control solenoid

Ralliart 300KM/H gauge cluster

Defi BF Series boost gauge, oil temperature, oil pressure and EGT gauge

Defi BF control box

Shift-I progressive shift light

Battery relocation to trunk


6 speed manual conversion from Lancer Evolution IX

Shepard transmission 4.09 Final Drive

Quaife helical LSD center differential

Cusco RS LSD front differential

Cusco RS LSD rear differential

ORC(Ogura Racing Clutch) 599 series twin plate clutch

ACD tuning ACD reflash with Steet, Gymkana and Track Setting


Ultra Racing 7 point roll bar

Ultra Racing 3 point front strut brace with master cylinder brace

Ultra Racing 4 point trunk brace

Ultra Racing rear strut brace

Ultra Racing front fender brace

Ultra Racing front lower arm brace

Ultra Racing lower side brace

Ultra Racing front frame brace



Tein Monoflex one way adjustable coilover

Tein pillowball camber plate

Whiteline roll center adjuster kit (Extended ball joint & bump steer corrected tie rod end)

Perrin anti lift spherical bearing big front control arm bushing with additional caster (PSRS)

Adjustable anti roll bar endlink


Tein Monoflex one way adjustable coilover

Ultra Racing 24mm anti roll bar with poly urethane bushing

Adjustable anti roll bar endlink

Mix of Ralliart/Superopro bushing



Wilwood FNSLR6 (Forged Narrow Super Light Radial) 6 pot brake caliper

DBA 5000 Series 330mm 2 piece rotor

Titanium brake pad shield

EBC Bluestuff NDX brake pad


Wilwood Dynalite 4 pot rear caliper

Stock brake rotor

Titanium brake pad shield

EBC Yellowstuff brake pad


C-west front bumper

C-west canard

Chargespeed CF duct

Varis CF hood

Aerocatch hood pin

Beatrush front undertray

Voltex style street side skirt

Lancer Evolution IX rear bumper

Varis CF type II rear diffuser with side piece

Voltex style widebody consist of front vented wide fender, rear door extension and rear wide fender

Carbon trunk

Voltex Type 5 GT wing with straight mount

CF reinforcement mounting plate for wing stand

TCS CF side mirror


Corbeau ProSeries full CF seat for driver and passenger

Beatrush bulkhead panel

3 gauges gauge pod

NRG steering wheel hub and quick release

Works bell steering wheel

Lancer Evolution IX CF look a/c vent panel

Ralliart Single DIN GSR specific 1 din radio faceplate


Lancer Evolution IX headlight

Lancer Evolution IX tailight

Wheel & Tyre         

Front and Rear

Volk Racing TE37SL Black Edition 18×9.5+22 wheel

Nitto NT05 265/35/18 tyre





Track time/Racing achievement: