Because RC Meet – BMW ///M


On 27th February 2016, we hosted a morning to afternoon meet with BMW ///M cars as the theme. The meet is made possible with the help of the community for BMW ///M, M Owners Malaysia. The venue for the meet is The Garage KL where the infamous RWB Miyabi was built. A total of 9 M cars made it to the meet. There was an original 6-speed manual E46 M3, an E46 M3 CSL,two E92 M3, an F80 M3, an E39 M5, an E60 M5 and a lone F10 M5 who were able to make it for the meet.

M Owners Malaysia is a community founded in 2009 specifically for BMW M car owners. It is a very casual community with no hierarchy or membership fees. The only requirement is that you must own a BMW M car. If you fulfill the requirement, please send your request over to ,

We are glad that the meet was a success with everyone who came having a great time. If we did another meet in this format, would you be interested to join?

Below are the pictures we have taken for that day, please enjoy with more coming soon!

All the BMW ///M cars that managed to make it out that day. As you can see from the picture, there is a wide variety of colour palette for M3.

Another angle of all the car that attended the meet. Here is a thanks to all the owners who spent their Saturday afternoon with us.

All the M3 that attended the meet. We only lack the E30 and E36 to complete the M3 lineup.

Two E92 M3 that managed to make it out that day. The yellow example belong to Eric and it is a BMW Individual car that is specced with Dakar Yellow.

Which wheel combo you prefer?

This SIlverstone II coloured E92 M3 belong to Andrew. It is one of a few example in Malaysia sporting a 6 speed manual transmission which is a rare option.

The ultimate spec of the ultimate driving machine?

This Oxford Green II coloured example E46 M3 belong to Azraai. He is one of the co-founder of another media outlet, This is a special ///M because it feature a 6 speed manual transmission.

Which one will be the one you drive home given the choice?

The M5! Most famous for a contemporary supercar slaying top speed.


All of us at BRC will pick E39 M5 given the choice of these 3. What is your pick?