Chris’ JDM Spec Satria


Today, we are featuring Chris’ Satria. This is his first car. Yeap, he still kept his first car. It started out life as a humble 1.3L Satria produced in 2002. It took a long journey to get to where it is now. Even now, it is still not fully done yet as there are still things to be modded. Let’s start with the story.


Does this remind you of the Gran Turismo photo tool? If you know your Satrias, you can easily spot the Mirage Cybrog R exterior conversion along with the rare and expensive HID projector headlight.


The rear of the Satria with the full Mirage Cybrog R conversion. To fit the rear hatch, the body panel under the tail light is modified.


Chris’s interest in the automotive world began with the ownership of this car. This car is literally all his blood, sweat, time and money as he saved up for the down-payment, took out a loan and bought this car on his own when he just started working. This is over 10 years ago. His interest in cars really took off when he started to join the car communities. The community that sparked his interest was the Pro-Hatch group which is made up of Proton Hatchbacks. That community was helpful to him and brought him to a point of no return.


Side profile shot of Chris’ Satria showing its simplicity in style.


Shot showing the stance of Chris’ Satria. They poke out because Lancer Evolution I/II/III control arms actually have a wider track than stock Satria’s item.


One of the community Chris’ is involved in, the 4G1Series despite him running a 4G93 block/4G92 MIVEC head hybrid.


The other community he was and still involved in are the 4G1 Series and forum. During that period, he did seek inspiration from foreign countries in the form of I am sure all car enthusiasts (Including yours truly) who have interests in cars during the 2000s will be familiar with this website as it is a social network designed for users to share their car and builds. All the Mitsubishi Mirage Asti and Cyborgs serve as an inspiration for Chris. That was when he fell in love with the look of the Mitsubishi Mirage Cyborg R. At that point, the car was still running stock body panels.


This is how the light looks when it is lit up.


The rear is just so sexy!


Frontal shot of Chris’ Satria. Do you notice the tyre poking out on both side are inconsistent? According to Chris, this is normal for Proton based chassis of that era.


Exterior wise, there is a front lip spoiler ,projector headlights and the obligatory aftermarket wheel. Then, a bolt on turbo to the 4G13 went in. This was during 2009 or so. After that, that was when he did the Mirage Cyborg R exterior conversion. This includes the radiator frame, front bumper, hood, rear hatch, side skirts and rear bumper as well as the roof spoiler. Because this is a 2002 model Satria which is a face lifted example, there are some changes to the rear body panel which meant the Mirage Cyborg R rear hatch could not be installed. Hence, the rear body panel conversion to a pre-facelifted Satria/Mirage Cyborg is done so that Mirage Cyborg R rear hatch could be installed.


Birds eye view of Chris’ Satria. The roof and hood is sort of unique and one of a kind.


Beside the modifications done to the rear body panel, the hood is a special one of a kind item too. It is based on a stock Mirage Cyborg R hood with Lancer Evolution I/II/III hood vents and its support being fiber glassed onto a Cyborg R hood frame. This is truly a labour intensive job but it ends up being unique. Another special part is a custom fabricated roll center adjuster (Extended ball joint) onto Lancer Evolution I/II/III control arms. This is the same setup as used in our first feature car, De Catacombs’ track Satria.


Want to come for a drive?


Cabin of Chris’ Satria.


Theses are the special switches that control the sunroof.


The last truly unique part is the roof and sunroof sourced from a CT9A generation Lancer Evolution(VII~IX MR) that is cut down to fit and serve as a replacement for the stock roof.


JDM gauge cluster and Momo steering wheel from Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution I/II. There is an interesting trivia about this steering wheel,what is it?


Dashboard from Mitsubishi Lancer/Mirage of those era which feature automatic aircond control. This is something that we never get in locally produced Proton.


If you know your Satrias, this knee pad is a rare item now and it costs a lot just to get this.


The interior is fully swapped from a Mitsubishi Lancer with all the special bits and pieces such as the knee rest.


Hood up showing the engine bay of Chris’ Satria. The hood is an one off special that feature Mirage Cybrog hood frame with Lancer Evolution I/II/III vent and its support fiber glassed together.


Engine bay of Chris’ Satria.


Another picture of Chris’ engine bay. The battery has been relocated to the trunk of the car.


Not long after that, a 4G15 with a bolt on turbo went in.This configuration put down 180.9WHP proven at Millennium Motorsports’ Dyno Dynamics which is known as the “heart-breaker” dyno due to its low reading power output. Unlike some modified rides, this car is extensively used to do long journey trips to places such as Hatyai, Thailand. Then, the 4G15 setup was sold off. The next setup that followed which is the current one is a pretty unique setup. It’s based around a 4G93 block with a 4G92 MIVEC head with the internals being stock. On top of that, the TD05-16G-7cm^2 turbine was sourced from the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution I/II to be used as a bolt on turbo. This resulted in 230.9WHP proven at KSR Speed’s Dyno Dynamics.


Anyone up for a touge run?


As you can see, a lot of blood, sweat, time and money went into producing this unique Satria that would capture a Satria enthusiast’s attention. This car will stick around for years to come. The finishing touch of this car would be a new paint job, built engine internals and a standalone engine management.


Chris’ Satria specification:

Car: Proton Satria 1.3L

Power: 230WHP on Dyno Dynamics


Mitsubishi 4G93 Block with stock internal

Mitsubishi 4G92 MIVEC Head


Custom intercooler piping

Custom intake piping with K&N air filter

Mitsubishi 4G92 MIVEC intake manifold


Aftermarket exhaust manifold

2.5” downpipe and cat back


TD05H-16G-7cm^2 Turbocharger from Lancer Evolution I/II

Tial 38mm Wastegate


Aftermarket VR4 Intercooler

Aftermarket Oil Cooler

Samco silicone radiator hose


Aerospeed Plug Cables

NGK Plugs

Engine Bay Accessories

Transparent Timing Belt Cover


Walbro 255lph Fuel Pump

510cc injectors (Taken from Mitsubishi Lancer EVO III RS)


Apex’i EL2 Boost Meter

Aftermarket Oil Temp, Oil Press & Water Temp Meter

Greddy E-Manage Blue Piggyback


Exedy 3 Puck Clutch

Mitsubishi Lancer EVO III 5-Speed Manual Transmission (Locked to front wheel drive)


Ultra Racing 4-Point Front Lower Arm Bar

Ultra Racing 3-Point Rear Strut Bar

Ultra Racing 3-Point Fender Bar

Ultra Racing Rear Upper Bar

Ultra Racing Room Bar



HWL one way height adjustable coilover

8kg/mm spring rate

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution I/II/III Front Anti Roll Bar & Lower Arm

Custom front roll center adjuster (Extended ball joint)


HWL one way height adjustable coilover

4kg/mm spring

Mitsubishi FTO 16mm anti roll bar


Mitsubishi EVO Double Layer Servo Pump & Master Pump


Mitsubishi Mivec Front Brakes

Sumitomo Brake Pads

Aftermarket Braided Brake Hose


Mitsubishi Lancer Rear Brakes

Sumitomo Brake Pads

Aftermarket Braided Brake Hose


Mitsubishi Mirage Cybrog-R exterior conversion (Radiator frame, front bumper,side skirt, rear bumper, sticker, projector headlight)

Body work on rear body panel to accept Mirage Cybrog R tail gate

Mitsubishi Mirage Cyborg-R Cromax Coco glasses

Mitsubishi Mirage Cybrog HID headlight

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 8 roof with sunroof cut down to fit Satria chassis

Mitsubishi Libero rear fog lamp

Mitsubishi Mirage Cyborg and Lancer Evolution I/II/III hood hybrid( Center frame and vent from Evolution I/II/III fiberglassed to Mirage Cyborg hood frame)

Aftermarket side mirror


Mitsubishi Lancer GSR interior swap with Digital A/C unit

Mitsubishi Mirage Cybrog interior trim

Recaro N-Joy seat

Momo steering from Lancer Evolution I/II

Wheel & Tyre    

Front & Rear     

Desmond Regamaster 15×6.5+32 wheel

Bridgestone RE002 195/50/15 tyre


Liqui-Moly Engine Oil