Time Attack Challenger – Filbert’s EVO IX RS2

The front bumper is a wet carbon Voltex style front bumper with Cyber Street font splitter/undertray combo along with Voltex canard.

For those people who are familiar with the Malaysian/Singaporean Time Attack scene, you may have taken note of Filbert’s Lancer Evolution IX RS2. He is a frequent competitor of zerotohundred.com TimeToAttack Super Street Turbo AWD class. Another point to note is all his colour schemes would leave a rather deep impression; from Red/Carbon fiber doors to Black Chrome/Carbon fiber door and the current RZER livery. RZER is a group he founded with a few like minded friends in Singapore. I first spotted his car during Round 1 of 2013 TTA event which happened to be my first visit to TTA. His car left a rather deep impression as he was the winner of the Super Street Turbo AWD class.

If you ever see this view in rear view mirror in Sepang, move over!

Filbert’s Lancer Evolution IX is a RS2 variant. It is not an official variant from Mitsubishi for JDM market as there is only GSR/GT/RS. After some digging on internet, it is a variant imported by a Singapore parallel car importer. On paper, everything matched up to be a RS as there is only came in red/white colour option, 1.5 way mechanical rear differential and no rear wiper. However, RS2 came with automatic aircond which RS does not come with.


After knowing him personally for awhile, I found out that he loves anything with wheels. From being interested in mountain biking during high school days to motorcycles during college days to cars during adulthood, he has tried them all. In his opinion, being a good rider makes the transition to be a good driver is much easier. Because motorbikes are much less forgiving, it is important to hone your senses to feel when you lose traction as the price to pay for making mistakes with motorbikes are much higher than driving a car. Hence, the sensitivity of the traction threshold does carry over to driving and make driving fast much easier.

The sequential shifter is an item from Kaps. This shifter convert a h-shift pattern gearbox into sequential shift pattern. In future, when Filbert request for ignition cut during upshift, he just need to yank the shifter to go into next gear, shaving precious milliseconds during hotlap and margin for error is greatly reduced.


Want to go for a hot lap around Sepang International Circuit?

His first car was an Alfa Romeo 147 2.0TS which he modded with a Rotrex Supercharger, full Supersprint exhaust, KW V3 coilover, Quaife LSD, etc etc and it is a weapon in the corners. Because he loves Japanese cars/bikes and felt the need to go faster, a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX fulfilled his itch for a much better and proven platform for racing. However, the very car we are featuring today is his second Lancer Evolution IX. The first Lancer Evolution IX was a white Lancer Evolution IX GSR. After he finished the initial build of that car in 2012, he did manage to get a few trackdays in. During a leisure drive down to Sepang with his friends to test the car on a new setup, the white car is involved in an accident due to a blown out tyre that happened on another car which swerved and hit Filbert. Luckily, Filbert and his wife walked away from that accident. Lady luck was certainly on his side that day. He decided against repairing the white Lancer Evolution IX GSR and brought the Lancer Evolution IX RS2 we are featuring today to start fresh instead.

Defi Advance ZD, and Kaps gear indicator allow Filbert to keep an eye on vital parameter during a hot lap. If anything out of ordinary arise, there will be alarm going off.

A HKS EVC 6 IR boost controller and Defi Advance controller took place of audio headunit that once reside in this car when it roll out of production line. Why? Because RaceCar

In the 90s-00s period, the street scene in Singapore was more interesting than what it is now. At that time the Lancer Evolution was one of the kings of the street. But the Lancer Evolution is not only good on the Street or in Touge only, there is a lot of potential in them for Circuit Racing too. I believe at this point, the Lancer Evolution is a very well proven platform for building a time attack car with notable car such as Tilton Interiors WTAC Pro class spec EVO which is the only car that managed the feat of attaining 3 back to back overall champion wins for WTAC, Cyber EVO which won WTAC overall with 2 back to back wins and HKS CT230R which is the fastest AWD tuner car (To this day since 2007 with time of 53.589 seconds!) at Tsukuba Circuit where time attack started for a lot of us. It is considered as one of the most important record for time attack enthusiasts all over the world. These are some of the most notable example of Lancer Evolution built for the sole purpose of Time Attack Racing. Needless to say, Filbert is familiar with these cars and he considered builds like that as his inspiration.

One interesting addition is the heatshield for cam sensor that is custom fabricated. Due to the proximity of cam sensor from exhaust manifold in an aftermarket setup, it is a good idea to create a heatshied for it to prevent failure as cam sensor failure due to heat is well documented.

Full-Race is one of the most reputable manufacturer for turbo kit from US. Filbert opt for their T3 Twinscroll turbo kit with Garrett GTX3076R turbo.

Presently, his own personal best is 2:22.492 on used 295/30/18 Hankook Ventus TD during final round of TTA 2015 time attack machine >2200cc session. His best time during the Super Street Turbo AWD session of the same event is 2:24.753. He was able to shave off 2.261s off his lap time right after swapping out for a fresher set of Hankook Ventus TD from his used Advan A050 and trying out some different suspension setting. However, after reviewing the video, we agreed that 2:22 is nowhere near the potential of the car as it stands as Filbert is still getting used to his car with the new overall setup with limited seat time.

This beautiful titanium front strut brace is an item from Carbing. Beside being a front strut bar, it feature an integrated brake master cylinder brace.

This is a Tein pillowball camber plate. The suspension attached to it is Tein SRC(Super Racing Coilover) two way adjustable coilover with separate rebound and compression adjustment. This allow ST Powered crew to fine tune the handling balance according to condition.

Ever wonder what makes his car tick? Beside his driving, he has the right combination of parts to archive this level of performance. For the engine, it is powered by a MIVEC 2.2L stroker 4G63, Full-Race T3 twin scroll turbo kit with Garrett GTX3076R turbo combination. After consulting with his tuner Jun of ST Powered, they have decided upon Motec M800 engine management. While the gearbox casing is a stock 5 speed manual item, the internal gear set is upgraded to Albins straight cut dog engagement gears paired to Kaps SSS sequential shifter. The ATS Carbon rear differential and Wavetrac front differential make for better traction feel/threshold during the corners. For the dampers, Filbert opted for Tein Super Racing Circuit Master 2 way (Separate compression/rebound) adjustable coilover. The wheel of choice for time attack is Enkei RPF1 18×10.5+15 wrapped in 295/30/18 Advan A050 or Hankook Ventus TD Z221 medium compound rubbers. The aero package is the tried and proven Voltex style cyber street wet carbon widebody kit and Voltex Type 5 GT wing with extension and gurney flap as used in Cyber EVO.

The wheel of choice is good ole’ Enkei RPF1 in 18×10.5+15 spec wrapped in Advan A050 or Hankook Ventus TD Z221 295/30/18 medium compound semi slick. Why Enkei RPF1 instead of more expensive forged wheel? For a privateer, it make sense to use cheaper but still quality cast wheel such as RPF1 to keep running cost down as you may break a wheel during racing. When that occur, it is much cheaper to replace a cast wheel than a forged wheel.

The wheel/tyre spec for the rear is the same as front.

So where do you go from after having a road registered EVO built to this level and archiving such level of performance? While Filbert’s EVO is not as radical as the now infamous Under Suzuki Silvia S15, he shares the same determination and the desire to develop a road registered car perpetually for as long as he can. His plans for 2016 includes a new GT wing and engine rebuild as part of routine maintenance. Of course, he still have a lot of exciting upcoming plans and we plan to follow Filbert and his journey to the future with his EVO. The short term goal? Keyword: Sub 2:20. Long term goal? Stay tuned ūüėČ

This is one of the most functional/popular gt wing around! 3 of our feature car for EVO month feature this gt wing! In this instance however, FIlbert opted for wing mount extension and gurney flap which Voltex sell. Both of these accessories is as used in Cyber EVO. However, Filbert plan to go for even bigger rear wing.

This is the fitment shot of FIlbert’s setup. As you can see, it fill out the wheel well rather nicely. To run a fitment like that, widebody fender is needed. As mentioned previously, one individual have to be dedicated to the car when he make the decision to install a widebody on the rear as quarter panel need to be cut to allow for fitment of aggressive wheel setup such as this. In Filbert’s opinion, Lye Designs(Bodyshop/Custom fabrication shop) did fantastic job in cutting the fender to ensure no rubbing occur even under the highest cornering load.

To conclude, here is an onboard lap during ZTH TTA Round 1 2015 with time of 2:23.62:


Filbert’s Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX RS2 specification

Car: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX RS2

Power: ~600whp on ST Powered Dynapack


Tomei 270 degrees duration Pro-cam camshaft

Cosworth Dual Valve Springs

Tomei Solid Pivot Lifters

ARP L19 Headstud

Custom ported cylinder head by ST Powered

Cosworth 2.2L stroker kit consist of CP pistons, Cosworth connecting rod and Cosworth crankshaft

Moroso Oil Pan

ATI Super Damper crank pulley

Custom oil catch tank

Engine built by ST Powered


Custom titanium intake and intercooler piping

Blox air filter

HKS Kansai carbon fiber air box

Magnus V5 intake manifold

S90 70mm Throttle body


Full-Race T3 twinscroll exhaust manifold

Full-Race twin dump tube

Full-Race 3‚ÄĚ downpipe

Fujitsubo Super Ti exhaust


Garrett GTX3076R turbocharger

1.06 A/R T3 divided turbine housing

2 x Tial 38mm wastegate

Greddy Type R BOV (Blow Off Valve)


Tabata radiator

Greddy twin oil cooler kit

Perrin Intercooler


Ignition projects cop (Coil On Plug) ignition system

NGK Racing spark plug

Engine Bay Accessories          

Custom fabricated camshaft sensor shield


Injector Dynamic 1300cc fuel injector

Tomei fuel rail

Sard Surge Tank

3x Walbro 450lph fuel pump


Motec M800 standalone ECU

Tuned by Jun of ST Powered

HKS EVC 6 IR boost controller

Defi Advance ZD

Defi Advance system controller

Defi CR boost pressure, oil pressure, oil temperature, water temperature, exhaust temp gauge

Zeitronix wideband with gauge display

Racelogic Video Vbox system

Racelogic OLED lap time indicator


Albins dog box straight cut gear kit

Kaps SSS sequential shifter

Wavetrac front LSD

ATS rear Carbon LSD

ATS twin plate carbon clutch


Cusco 7 point bolt-in roll cage

Custom removable side door bar

Cusco rear division plate

Carbing titanium front strut bar

Carbing aluminium rear trunk bar



Tein Super Racing Circuit (SRC) Master 2 way adjustable coilover

Tein pillowball camber plate

Perrin PSRS (Positive Steering Response Kit) front spherical bearing big bushing

Ralliart bushing (Front small bushing)

Whiteline roll center adjuster kit(Extended ball joint, bump steer corrected tie rod end)

H&R anti roll bar


Tein Super Racing Circuit (SRC) Master 2 way adjustable coilover

Tein pillowball top hat

Ralliart bushing (Upper control arm, trailing arm, toe arm)

New bushing for lower control arm

H&R anti roll bar



Brembo 8 pot monobloc brake caliper

2 piece brake rotor

Billet brake caliper adapter

Braided brake line


Alcon 4 pot brake caliper

Alcon 2 piece brake rotor

Alcon brake caliper adapter

Braided brake line


Voltex style wet carbon body kit consist of front bumper with cyber street front lip/splitter, side skirt, front wide fender, rear fender flare

Wet carbon fiber EVO IX style rear bumper

Wet carbon door

Voltex Type 5 GT Wing with extension and gurney flap (Old setup at time of picture)

APR Formula GT3 side mirror


Juran steering wheel

2 x Bride Zeta3 Carbon Fiber seat for driver and passenger

Bride seat rail

Sabelt 4point harness (Driver)

Ralliart carbon fiber style shift panel



Wheel & Tyre        

Front and Rear

Enkei RPF1 18×10.5+15 wheel

AME TM02 Tracer 18×10.5+22 wheel

Advan A050 295/30/18 tyre

Hankook Z221 295/30R18 tyre





Track time/Racing achievement:

Personal best around Sepang International Circuit: 2:22.492 (TTA 2015 Round 2 Time Attack Machine class on Hankook Ventus TD 295/30/18)

Zerotohundred.com Time To Attack Super Street AWD Turbo Class: 1st (2013 Round 1, 2:33.577), 4th (2013 Round 2/Final, 2:30,465), 1st (2014 Round 1, 2:24.839), 3rd (2014 Round 2/Final, 2:28.662), 1st (2015 Round 1, 2:23.809), 1st (2015 Round 2/Final, 2:24.753)

Total: 4 champion, 1 3rd place, 1 4th place

Zerotohundred.com Time To Attack Time Attack Machine >2200CC Class: 3rd (2015 Round 1, 2:23,642), 3rd (2015 Round 2, 2:22.492)

Total: 2 3rd place