Firdaus’ Love Affair With a Honda Jazz


To most people, the Honda Jazz/Fit is just a practical city car, and they wouldn’t be far from the truth. To Firdaus however, it is a car that he has deep affections for. We are very glad to be able to bring you this special feature of a very special Jazz/Fit. Firdaus is in his early 30’s and he is so obsessed with this platform that he actually sells specific Honda Jazz and Fit equipment as part of his side business. This then became the genesis of his Sauk Store Garage.


Rolling shot that went very well showing the rear of Firdaus’ Fit RS converted Jazz. The J’S Racing inspired livery is what we were drawn to


Here is the JDM J’S Racing Stella V clear lens rear light.


Front rolling shot of Firdaus’ Fit RS converted Jazz.


Firdaus started his passion for cars when he was in high school. However, the Honda Jazz/Fit he has came in a much later point in his life. His first car was a Proton Satria that had a 4G63 swap from a CE9A Mitsubishi which he still keeps to this day. This is his daily driver right now and coincidentally the second Jazz that he owns. Firdaus’ first Jazz was a Jazz/Fit GD3 on which he also converted it into the Fit RS spec along with a 6 speed manual similar to this one.


Rear quarter panel shot of Firdaus’ Fit RS converted Jazz. You can kind of check out the fitment right here.


Front quarter panel shot of Firdaus’ Fit RS converted Jazz with all the tasty and rare JDM exterior parts on it.


We first spotted Firdaus’ Jazz/Fit GE8 when we attended the Megalap Enduro 2015. Strolling along the pits, we spotted a bunch of Honda Jazz/Fit’s and while wandering amongst them, Firdaus’ car stood out more with its J’S Racing style livery. The livery is what drew us in to take a closer look. Upon closer inspection, we were impressed by the quality of this build. That was when we knew we had to show this very special Jazz/Fit to the world. Just opposite the car, we spotted a bunch of guys sitting down. We asked for the owner of this car and Firdaus answered us. After talking for awhile, we found out that he was there to join the Jazz community for the car club convoy along the main straight and he agreed to let us do a feature on his Jazz/Fit.


Overhead view of Firdaus’ Fit RS converted Jazz.


This is the view you will see in your rear view mirror.


The previous Jazz/Fit GD3 was intended to be his wife’s car. It is also the car that got Firdaus’ involved with the Malaysia Jazz Fit Friend Club (MYJFFC), a Jazz/Fit community based in Malaysia. After joining, “good” friends started to give him ideas on what to mod and where to begin. Besides that, actively seeing Honda Jazz’s/Fit’s compete in the Super Taikyu series in Japan campaigned by tuners such as J’s Racing also encouraged Firdaus to commit more into this platform. The other thing that attracted him to the Jazz was the practicality and the abundance of customization in terms of exterior parts and so forth. So he caved in and ended up with a Fit RS 6MT conversion. He kept the GD3 for 10 years before switching to this very car we are featuring today, the Jazz GE8. This particular GE8 started off life as a locally built Jazz 1.5 Automatic, a humble and modest origin to say the least.


Firdaus’ side business; SAUKSTORE.


Two of the most important emblem for JDM Jazz fan, RS and Mugen. You can’t get more JDM than this.


Very JDM gold emblem alongside gold J’S Racing plaque.


Because of his side business, he had access to a lot of imported JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) aftermarket parts. So, a set of Fit RS exterior panels went onto the car alongside the must-have J’S Racing lips. The reason behind his choice on aesthetics being a mixture of J’S Racing and Mugen exterior parts is due to the rarity of these exterior parts in the local market and thus helped promote his online side business in the process. Chassis work (Tryforce Coilover,J’S Racing braces), Endless brakes and the quintessential Volk Racing CE28N wheels were to follow next. At this point, the exterior/interior/chassis is mostly done but this car was still running the stock 1.5L engine and a 5 speed automatic gearbox. This was just after 10 months into ownership!


Endless & Volk Racing, what a tasty combination that ensures optimal performance is delivered.


Rear ride height check.


Firdaus’ engine bay. The EFR2 is an in house product manufactured by our good friend, Robyn at RS Dynotune. It’s basically a simple piggyback fuel controller. As a matter of fact, my (Brian) family car Hyundai Matrix is one of the early test bed for this product with great success.


With some luck, he managed to locate a Grade R(Accident history car) Fit RS from Japan for a bargain price. The best part was, that donor car only had 6000KM when he bought it! The donor car came into Malaysia in the form of a half-cut. Everything from the Fit RS was swapped over. That meant he got an upgrade in equipment too which included the automatic a/c which we will never get in our local Jazz of this generation besides the manual gearbox, door cards and etc. At this point, it got fairly close to the current state now. Even then, his car was already featured in Shift magazine.


Another very JDM parts, Mugen Carbon Fiber side mirror cover.


J’S Racing goodness. How I hope you can hear its tune.


Rear hatch shot showing J’S Racing cross brace + top brace.


This is how Firdaus’ Fit RS converted Jazz look like when it go to a track day.


J’S Racing


The next thing that went in was a pair of Recaro SR-7 sports seat which rounded up the build nicely. After all these mods, this car was mostly used to attend TT (Teh Tarik aka Malaysian speak for hanging out at 24 hours mamak restaurant talking about cars) and occasional track days. Firdaus attends track days just to have fun and doesn’t intend to compete or attempt to do a good lap time.


This is a very JDM umbrella from J’S Racing. It even feature a CF/CF pattern center tube. Amazing! By far the nicest umbrella i have ever hold.


The whole car is more or less done. There will be no major changes in the near future. After the shoot with the car, Firdaus went on to sell his CE28N wheels. He  is still contemplating on which will be his next wheel choice. Here is a special thanks to Firdaus for spending the last few hours of his car with the CE28N wheel combo with us.


Driver cockpit view of Firdaus’ Fit RS converted Jazz.


More interior goodies.


Driver’s view of interior.


One of our favorite engine monitoring unit, Defi Advance ZD. It can show maximum of 6 information at one time and feature a sequential shift light. Just what you need to reduce clutter.


Automatic aircond and double din player from kenwood. The whole dashboard which feature automatic aircond is from the halfcut Firdaus bought.


Two piece of Defi Advance ZD in link mode. This is inspiration from the Japanese. A rev counter that span two screen!


Final closing shot. Want to go for a drive in twisty touge route?


Firdaus’ Jazz specification:

Car: Honda Jazz GE8 automatic

Power: 138HP(RS Dynotune’s Dastek Dyno)


JDM Fit RS engine conversion


Top Fuel Power Chamber Type-2 carbon fiber intake kit


J’S Racing center pipe

J’S Racing titanium muffler


J’S RACING radiator cap


Mugen oil filter

Engine Bay Accessories

J’S Racing oil cap


RS Dynotune EFR 2 piggyback fuel controller

Defi Advance ZD

Defi Advance controller


JDM Fit RS 6 speed manual conversion


J’s Racing rear lower arm bar

J’s Racing rear upper bar

J’s Racing cross bar



Tryforce 1 way adjustable coilover

Tryforce pillowball camber adjustable top hat


Tryforce 1 way adjustable coilover


Mugen braided brake hose


Endless 4 pot brake caliper

Endless 300mm 2 piece brake rotor

Endless brake pad


JDM Fit RS front bumper,side skirt,rear bumper

JDM Fit RS xenon headlight

Mugen front lip, sports grill and rear lip for fit rs bumper

Mugen LED DRL(Daytime running light)

Mugen Carbon Fiber side mirror cover

J’s Racing Stella V clear lens rear light

J’s Racing Carbon Fiber GT wing

J’S Racing Carbon Fiber Type S hood


JDM Fit RS interior conversion including dashboard with digital aircond, rear seat, door trim

Recaro SR-7 seat

Bride seat rail

Honda Access door step

KARO carpet

Momo Tuner steering wheel

Spoon boss kit

J’s Racing quick release

J’S Racing spider matt

Wheel & Tyre         

Front & Rear

Volk Racing CE28N 16×7+42 bronze wheel

Bridgestone RE11 205/50/16

Do check out Firdaus’ side business that deal mainly in Jazz/Fit JDM parts, SAUKSTORE Garage