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It is Because RC’s Honda Month, so we are bringing to you a feature of one of the most commonly used and arguably, one of the best tuner chassis. A Honda Civic EG.

The Honda Civic EG is one of the most definitive tuner car that exists in the world ever. You name it: RWD or AWD conversion, K Engine swap, H Engine swap, Supercharged, Turbocharged, etc etc, chances are that people have done it before.

Staring right into your eye


Look at how big is 303mm rotor behind 15×8+20 Enkei RPF1!

Our current feature’s car owner, Hong and the car itself have gone a long way from their humble roots. Hong is a Malaysian. Since his teenage years, Hong has been an automotive mechanic. Currently, he works at J’s Garage in Singapore. He is one of the persons that give Keith of Torq Project a hand in building engines. In fact, we knew of Hong during the TCC (Traction Circle Club) 25.9.2015 track day while he was there providing trackside support for Keith’s S2000 and taking part in his own Honda Civic EG. The car started off life as a Honda Civic EG3 with a 1.3 D13C Carbureted engine. As today, it sports a Torq Project spec engine based off Honda B20B block and B18C Type R VTEC cylinder head.




Naturally, the engine setup is a natural aspirated (NA) setup as Torq Project is a Honda NA specialist. The intake is an AT Power shaftless individual throttle bodies setup of which Torq Project is the sole South East Asia distributor for, the camshaft profile is designed by Keith and manufactured by Cat Camshafts. As mentioned in Keith’s S2000 feature, Torq Project utilize a lot of component from the UK (United Kingdom) as Keith spent his university years there. Keith have spent a fair bit of time on the cylinder head setup as that is where power for NA engine to be found. This results in the CNC porting of the B18C Type R cylinder head to Torq Project spec. The bottom end is a relatively simple affair with a 13.5:1 static compression ratio 86mm bore Supertech piston, Eagle H-Beam connecting rods, stock crank and ACL bearings. All in all, this setup is good for 246WHP on a Dynojet and Shell V-Power Racing.


Love the ITB?


Hong mentioned that the engine of this car is his pride and joy as he is the one who personally built the engine. He had many sleepless nights putting everything together to his standard. What he was not happy with, he redid. Essentially, Hong’s Civic EG is a very normal and personal take on how to build a Honda Civic EG. Hong hopes to get more seat time in this car and set a good timing around Sepang International Circuit. His timing goal is in the 2:30s range. When we asked about his future plan for this car, he mentioned that he would like to do further development work with Keith for goal of 250WHP~260WHP and he will install his spare gearbox with custom gear ratio that he have put together. When the car is ready, do expect it to take part in time attack at Sepang International Circuit.




Hong’s Honda Civic EG3 specification:

Car: Honda Civic EG3

Power: 246WHP on Dynojet/Shell V Power Racing



B20B block

B18C Type R VTEC cylinder head

Super90 sleeved motor 86mm bore

Supertech 86mm 13.5:1 static compression ratio forged piston

Eagle H-Beam connecting road

ACL Racing bearing

Torq Project spec CNC ported cylinder head

Torq Project spec Cat cams 280 degrees duration @ 1mm valve opening 13mm lift camshaft

Supertech dual valve spring

Moroso baffled oil pan


AT Power shaftless individual throttle bodies


Buddy Club full system 4-2-1 exhaust manifold

3 inch catback





Engine Bay Accessories





Hondata S300 Version 3

Mapping by Keith Tan of Torq Project

Defi gauges- Oil temperature, water temperature, oil pressure and fuel pressure


B Series gearbox with stock ratio

Clutchmaster FX400 clutch




Front & Rear

H Drive one way adjustable coilover

HKS spring



Honda Accord Euro R CL7R brake swap including single piston brake caliper, 303mm brake rotor and brake pad


Honda Civic Type R EK9 brake swap including brake caliper, brake rotor and brake pad







Projector headlight

Wheel & Tyre        

Front & Rear 

Enkei RPF1 15×8+20


Who need audio anyway?



Track time/Racing achievement: