Malaysias Supra Meet With Stuart Hagen 27.2.2016

After we found out about a Supra meet that will be held after our very own ///M meet, I(Brian) decided to stay for the Supra meet as well. So, on 27 February 2016, there was two gatherings being held at The Garage KL. When all of the Supras arrived and parked up, I have discovered that the reason for this meet because was Stuart Hagen is in Malaysia as he is onboard an asian cruise trip with his wife, Joy.

Let that sink in for a moment. With no expectations of this, I was in awe as I am meeting one of the most respected Supra OG owner in the US community. If you trawl around, you will be familiar with the username “Stu Hagen”. Yes, that Stu Hagen who happens to be the pioneer of the stock twin turbo hybrid conversion with machined GT28 CHRA, gauge clusters and A/C control LED lighting conversion as well as some custom gauge cluster faces. He offered this service to the Supra community himself(LED/gauge cluster) or via a 3rd party vendor( for the hybrid twin turbo conversion. His latest Supra is a very clean USDM unicorn too, being a 98 Quicksilver hardtop which was converted to a 6-speed manual twin turbo car as the hardtop could only be had in NA form for 1998 in the US market. Not just your typical conversion but a very thorough conversion that even includes a targa top chassis brace bolted in, all little details taken care of.

With such an experienced Supra owner, all the local Supra owners were more than glad to meet him and have dinner with him. A total of 9 Supras and 1 SC300/Soarer turned up for the meet. The meeting ended by 9pm as Stu and Joy had to return on their cruise.

Enjoy the picture below!

This Supra belongs to Awiez. Under the hood there is a single turbo conversion along with an Adaptronic standalone engine management good for 3xxWHP.


This particular Supra belongs to Fazli It is a rare aerotop model. Interestingly, things are opposite on USDM and JDM markets when it comes to the Supra. For USDM, a hardtop is a rare car while for JDMs an aerotop is a rare car.

This aerotop Supra belongs to Shanker. It is the first time in my life that I have seen an aerotop Supra and two of them came to me at once!

The owner of this super clean hardtop auto example is Darwin. He is the organizer for the day. The look of this Supra reminds me of another mint Supra in a similar shade of colour that belongs to Micheal.

Engine bay of Darwin’s Supra. As you can see, the stock twin turbo system is retained. Most Supra owners would opt for the single turbo as it simplifys the engine bay a lot while providing a lot more power than what a stock twin turbo could deliver.

This silver hardtop example belongs to one of BRC’s buddies, Sean of Top Gear Malaysia fame. Before this, it was an automatic car along with stock wheels. Basically, it was the most stock Supra I have ever seen! This is the first time i have seen it in the flesh with SSR Professor SP1 wheels and R154 5MT conversion.

Work Meister S1 3 Piece/SSR Professor SP1 and a Supra are meant for each other! Perfection ensured. This is however a bias opinion as the Meister S1 3 Piece is the wheel I want for my Supra.

This hardtop Supra with over 400WHP belongs to Shogun. It is running on hybrid stock twin turbo built locally.

Which Supra/SC300 would you have in the picture?

Finally, group picture of all the Supra owners with Stu & his wife, Joy.