Retro Havoc 2018 Coverage

Retro havoc is an event take place annually in Malaysia. As the name suggested, it is a show geared toward retro car. That means car model of 25 years or above is eligible. However, as always, there is a mixture of older and newer car in the show. Compared to Art Of Speed which take place annually in Malaysia too, it is more of a laid back meet with less stringent requirement for a car to be entered into the show. This year, the show take place at Sunway BRT Station car park. Enjoy our pictorial coverage below!

Random grey E39 with V8 engine inside. Another nice bronze E39 beside it.

This is a 22B replica based of Impreza Type R 2 door with L’aunsport 22B body kit.

Clean R32 GT-R on Work Meister S1 3 Piece.

This is the first time we ever saw a stock 2+0 Fairlady Z S30! This truly is an unicorn.

This is a nice AE86 Levin coupe. It spots a F20C engine. There are telltale sign of this car coming from Australia with the Thooley 1000 Bathrust sticker.

Certainly a future classic, E46 M3. To date, this remain the fastest NA car I have ever ridden in.

A very nice 180SX with Type X body panel. If I have a 180SX, this will the look. Certainly a classic with a lot of these chassis being used up for drifting and getting destroyed in the process.

A nice EVO VII painted in Pearl Blue Mica / Electric Blue depend on which part of world you are from. This is the color of my dream EVO IX. Nice Bayside Blue R34 GT-R beside too! Talk about a collection for peoples who grew up with Gran Turismo generation.

Another Gran Turismo generation dream garage pairing, Toyota Supra and Subaru Impreza Type R 2 door. This Supra is rare as it is a series 2 car!

Subaru Impreza Type R.

Another modern classic which is on its way to become a retro car, Porsche 996 GT3. The fried egg shaped headlight might not be to everyone taste but this is unique and will be remembered for generation to come. Not to mention, the 996 is the last generation of Porsche with hydraulic assisted power steering rack so that’s a plus point too.

This is actually the very same Altezza that we featured last time! It have been repainted to the color it roll off production line from Toyota plant in, Super Bright Yellow.

This 90s Japan drift style 180SX belong to one of our buddies, JX. He is also the owner of infamous Denskiro grey KE70 with LED tailight. This car was chosen as the featured picture because it is truly a retro look which have been kept in time capsule.

As usual, JX’s style of super aggressive static fitment.

What a perfect car to close off this coverage for EVO lover like me, a built EVO VI TME.

Look at the sexy water bead. Bye!