Traction Circle Club trackday 15.12.2017

Traction Circle Club(TCC) is a club founded back in 2002 by a bunch of Singaporean trackie. They are famous for their well organized trackday at Sepang International Circuit(SIC). To close off 2017, here is our coverage of their last trackday of the year taking place during 15.12.2017.


This sweet EVO IX MR RS belong to Joel. It is fairly rare to see one being left in such a condition! It is pretty much stock with just Bilestein PSS9 1 way adjustable coilover, Volk Racing RE30 18×8.5+30 and 245/40/18 Advan Neova AD08R.

This is probably the fastest MX-5 around Sepang! It did 2:28 before in the hand of its last owner, Yak. It is turbocharged.

This sweet Honda S2000 Type S with Amuse Legalo face belong to a friendly chap named Phillip.

Judging from condition of AP Racing brake caliper, it certainly is a well used car!


This is the first time we try to shoot at turn 5 and it is very hard to get sharp shot. The access road to it with car is certainly interesting! This Alpina 3 series Wagon just keep on lapping all day long.

This Silva S15 belong to Smith. He managed to break his personal best on that day with 2:30s timing.

It is certainly a rare treat seeing Focus RS!

Phillip’s S2000 in action.

This DC2 belong to Zeb and it is our ex feature car. From the time we featured it, it gains a wider fender and Racing Hart CP035 wheel. He managed a new personal best on that day with 2:37s too! That is a fast time for what it is!

Joel ending his day with 2:45s. This is his first track outing and it is a good time for first track outing.

Our ex feature car, Filbert’s EVO IX does not have a good day. There are clutch related issue which need to be resolved. We are looking forward to this car development in 2018!

Ciao and see ya in 2018!

Because RC would like to wish everyone happy new year!