TTA 2015 Round 1 Street Class

TTA 2015 Round 1 took place on 12.4.2015. This will be the result post for Street class. Due to short of manpower (Only Alex attended) so we missed out pictures for Street Euro this round. We will substitute with picture from last round, do apologize for that.

Street AWD Turbo

Let’s start with my favorite street class, Street AWD Turbo.

The winner of this round is Eldred Goh and his EVO IX. His time is 2:32.809 for this round.Interestingly, he run on Advan Neova AD08R for this round.


The 2nd place goes to Kevin Loh and his EVO X 5MT. His time for this round is 2:33.581. He is the outright street class record holder. He did 2:30.8 on 2nd/final round of TTA 2014.


The 3rd place goes to Hsiao Tung Wei and his white V9 Impreza WRX STI (not sure on exact derivative, Spec C I guess). His time is 2:34.103.


The showing for Street AWD Turbo is quite alright this time, 9 cars in total took part. No new record is set.

Full Result Summary:


  1. Eldred Goh/Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX/2:32.809/Advan Neova AD08R/833 Motorsports
  2. Kevin Loh/Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X/2:33.581/Advan Neova AD08R
  3. Hsiao Tung Wei/Subaru Impreza WRX STI V9/2:34.103/Hankook RS3
  4. Amier Amzar/Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII MR/2:34.419/Advan Neova AD08R/Looney Tuned Racing
  5. Ee Yoong Cherng/Nissan Skyline GTR R33/2:34.648/GT Radial SX2/GT Radial Malaysia
  6. Chua Chin Leh/Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX/2:35.754/Advan Neova AD08R/Ptune
  7. Joel Quek/Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX/2:44.851/Yokohama Neova AD08R/833 Motorsports
  8. Ahmad Fahmi Abdullah/Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX/2:49.83/Nankang NS2R/Fuzeworks Racing
  9. Chin Wai Yet/Nissan Skyline GTR R34/3:11.833/Federal 595RS-R/R-Machine

Street 2WD Turbo

Below is the podium winner for Street 2WD Turbo.

The winner of Street 2WD Turbo is Wan Mohd Zariff and his Nissan Silvia S13. His time is 2:36.68.


2nd place goes to William Streitberg and his BMW E46 M3. His time is 2:39.199.


3rd place goes to Liew Park Loong and his Cefiro A31. His time is 2:39.291. Nice to see someone time attack a car usually associated with drifting.


There are total of 9 cars compete in this category. No new record is set.

Full Result Summary:


  1. Wan Mohd Zariff/Nissan Silvia S13/2:36.68/Federal 595RS-5/Under5ive
  2. William Streitberg/BMW E46 M3/2:39.199/Hankook RS3/ //M Owners Malaysia
  3. Liew Park Loong/Nissan Cefiro A31/2:39.291/Advan Neova AD08R/Team ET
  4. Kenneth Lau/Nissan Silvia S15/2:39.68/Toyo T1R/Pitworks
  5. Mohd Fazreen Bin Ismail/Nissan Silvia S15/2:40.725/GT Radial SX2/Under5ive
  6. KT Low/Mark Darwn/Toyota Supra JZA80/2:41.09/Bridgestone S001/DDM Motorsports
  7. Saw En Chong/Toyota MR2 SW20/2:43.485/Federal 595RS-R/Srale Ipin Auto
  8. Jeremiah Ong/Proton Satria 1.8 GSR/2:44.485/Advan Neova AD08R/Mile High Motorsports

Street NA RWD

Below is the podium winner for Street NA RWD.

1st place goes to Steve Toh and his S2000 as usual with a time of 2:36.198. He is the record holder for this class with 2:35.


2nd place goes to Norman Souza Tan and his S2000. His time is 2:39.753.


3rd place goes to Zeb Tay and his Altezza with 2:41.150. This time is done with engine issue. He have William Chong as his co-driver. This is probably the most developed Altezza in Malaysia right now and he is one of few who actually attempted to develop an Altezza for time attack in Malaysia.


There are total of 6 cars for this category. No new record is set.

Full Result Summary:


  1. Steve “Vettel Dor-Dori King” Toh/Honda S2000 “Chilli Padi”/2:36.198/Hankook RS3/Applied Performance & Riyoz Racing
  2. Norman Souza Tan/Honda S2000/2:39.753/Achilles 123S/Achilles motorsports
  3. Zeb Tay/William Chong/Toyota Altezza/2:41.15/Advan Neova AD08R/Riyoz Racing
  4. T./Honda S2000/2:41.567/Advan Neova AD08R/RMS Ray Motorsports
  5. Sharazi Ismalil/Mazda RX-8/2:44.213/Advan Neova AD08R/Mun Kong & RX8 Club
  6. Terry Shum/BMW E30/2:50.226/Goodyear F1 & Achilles ATR/2:50.226

Street NA-FF

Now onto coverage of biggest class. This class mostly make up of Honda Type R.

The winner of this category is Eugene Pang and his Civic Type R FD2. His time is 2:37.345.


2nd place of this category is Sayyed Ali & his Civic Type R FD2.His time is 2:37.359.Such narrow margin!


3rd place goes to TTA regular Ahmad Zuhaili & his Civic Type R FD2.His time is 2:37.728.


As usual, there is strong showing for this class with 15 entries. No new record is set.

Full Result Summary:


  1. Eugene Pang/Honda Civic Type R FD2/2:37.345/Advan Neova AD08R/Revpower
  2. Sayyed Ali/Honda Civic Type R FD2/2:37.359/Hankook RS3
  3. Ahmad Zuhaili/Honda Civic Type R FD2/2:37.728/Hankook RS3/Dragstar & 2:40s
  4. Mohd Riduwan/Honda Civic Type R FD2/2:39.63/Hankook RS3/Eastern R
  5. Jesper Tan/Honda Civic Type R FD2/2:39.769/Hankook RS3/N1 Racing Team
  6. Den Chong/Honda Civic Type R FD2/2:40.709/Hankook RS3/BHR & Dragstar
  7. Fuad Al Habshee/Honda Civic Type R FD2/2:40.961/Hankook RS3/Under6ix & Eastern R
  8. Chong Tun Lung/Honda Civic EG6/2:41.475/Federal 595RS-R/Speed Racing
  9. Ben Leow/Honda Civic Type R FD2/2:42.85/Hankook RS3/LHB Motorsports
  10. Mohd Shafiq Amsyar/Honda Civic EG6/2:44.359/Federal 595RS-R/Home56 Garage
  11. Mohd Hasrul Hisham/Mugen RR FD2/2:45.031/Hankook RS3/Eastern R
  12. Ong Wei Han/Honda Civic Type R FD2/2:47.677/Advan Neova AD08R/HanPower Syndicate
  13. Mohd Elrizal bakly/Proton Satria Neo 2.0/2:52.88/Hankook RS3/Mag Apprentice
  14. ShamXira/Honda Civic Type R FD2/2:56.098/Hankook RS3/Kanjo_R
  15. Ong Juin Wong/Honda Integra Type R DC5/3:06.146/Pirell P7 Cinturato/DDM Motorsports

Street Euro

Now onto the Street Euro Class. Some picture is from TTA 2014 Final due to short of manpower for this round.

1st place goes to usual winner for this category, Cornelius Ee and his Audi TT-S. His time is 2:34.045 which is a new record for this class. His Co-Driver is Kingston. For TTA 2015 Round 1, he installed wide fender onto his car. *Photo is from previous TTA


2nd place goes to Jackson Tan and his VW Scirocco. His co-driver is Steve Toh. His time is 2:36.421.


3rd place goes to John Justin Tey and his CLA45 AMG. His time is 2:41.074.


This category have total of 6 entries. 2:34.045 is the new record for this class.

Full Result Summary:


  1. Cornelius Ee/Kingston/Audi TT-S/2:34.045/Advan Neova AD08R/Everco & Terminal R
  2. Jackson Tan/Steve Toh/VW Scirocco 2L/2:36.421/Advan Neova AD08R/Everco & Terminal R
  3. John Justin Tey/Mercedes CLA45 AMG/2:41.074/Advan Neova AD08R/Pentagon Racing
  4. Eugene See/VW Scirocco 1.4/2:42.041/Hankook RS3/Eurosports Performance Tuning
  5. Fariz Fauzy/Renault Clio RS/2:44.827/Hankook RS3/Exotic Mods
  6. Muhammad Nazli Haffiz/VW Scirocco R/2:54.788/Bridgestone RE050A/Awesome Powered Racing

Street Class Summary

Only Street Euro have new record. The previous record was 2:34.135 held by Kingston(His own white TT-S currently competing in Super Street Euro).New record is .09s faster, done with Cornelius’s orange Audi TT-S. Congrats to Cornelius for setting new class record!