TTA Round 1 2015 Time Attack Machine Class

Time Attack Machine class is where the big boy comes out to play. This is the class where car that set overall event record is found.

TAM above 2200CC

Let’s start with big boy class!

1st place goes to one of the ST Powered twin CT9A, this being a Mitsubishi Lancer EVO IX chassis. The time is 2:15.331 & driven by Desmond Soh.


2nd place goes to the other twin of ST Powered CT9A, this being a Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VIII chassis. The time is 2:16.703. This car is driven by Teh Kian Boon.


3rd place goes to Filbert Tan and his Lancer Evolution IX. He did 2:23.642 & this is his overall personal best.


There are 4 entries in this class. No new record is set.

Full Result Summary:


  1. Desmond Soh/Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX/2:15.331/Advan A050/ST Powered
  2. The Kian Boon/Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX/2:16.703/Hankook Z221/ST Powered
  3. Filbert Tan/Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX/2:23.642/Advan A050/RZER
  4. Ifwat Ataa/Honda Civic Type R EK9/2:28.78/Advan A050/DNT Seeker

TAM below 2200CC

Now let’s move on to below 2200cc class.

Coming in 1st is Pee Sau Peng & his Honda Integra Type R DC5. His time is 2:29.746. This is a new class record. Car is a White colour DC5. Sorry no photo of that car are taken on that day.


Coming in 2nd is TTA regular Mark Darwin in Fast Autowork’s Honda Civic EG. His time is 2:30.932. *Photo is from previous TTA


Coming in 2rd is Tan Siaw Kian and his Honda Civic Type R FD2. His time is 2:32.835. He pulls off a dual class entry in one car like Filbert Tan in Super Street AWD Turbo. He also set a faster time in TAM<2200CC session.


There are total of 7 entries in this class. New class record is set.

Full Result Summary:


  1. Pee Sau Peng/Honda Integra Type R DC5/2:29.746/Advan A050/The Doctor
  2. Mark Darwin/Honda Civic EG6/2:30.932/Advan A050/FAST Autowork
  3. Tan Sia Kian/Honda Civic Type R FD2/2:32.835/Advan A050/ST Powered
  4. Izzat Razin/Honda Integra Type R DC5/2:39.824/Hankook RS3/Fuzeworks Racing
  5. Aril Hamka/Toyota Starlet GT EP82/2:46.892/Toyo R888/Waksam Garage DRX
  6. Chai Kok Hoe/Honda Civic Type R EK9/2:47.34/Achilles 123S/Kuraz Motorsport and Prince Lubricants
  7. Azman Red Baron/Proton Satria 1.8/2:49.527/GT Radial SX2/Pakelo

Time Attack Machine summary

There are new record for below 2200cc class. Last record was set by Chris Tan in his Honda Civic Type R FD2 race car. His time is 2:30.564. Pee Sau Peng set new record in his Honda Integra Type R DC5 with 2:29.746 which is 0.818s faster. Congrats to Pee Sau Peng for new class record!