TTA15 RD2 Street Class

TTA2015 Round 2 Street Class

The 2nd part of TTA Round 2 2015 coverage will cover street class. This is the class where your car have to be road legal and use 140 Threadwear or above street tyre to compete. I am sure this is the class where majority of enthusiast can relate themselves to. The class we cover today are Street Turbo AWD, Street Turbo 2WD, Street NA-FF and Street NA-FR.


Street Turbo AWD

1st place of Street Turbo AWD goes to Eldred Goh of 833 Motorsports and his Lancer Evolution IX. His timing is 2:32.007 and he often win this class.


The 2nd place go to Eric Chua of Ptune and his Lancer Evolution IX with timing of 2:33.712 which is few tenths of his personal best. The turbo on this car is a FP Black which give out very good power for a stock frame turbo. However, extra attention to EGT is needed due to the design of stock turbo system.


Our buddy, Akzal Benyamin got 3rd place with time of 2:36.213 despite suffering from turbo issue. He is sponsored by GP Sports Malaysia. Wish him better luck next time!


Nazarudin Mohd Nordin of Naztech Racing piloted his Lancer Evolution IX to a 2:38.009 which is way off their personal best of 2:32.7. They suffered from boosting issue during TTA. The most impressive part about this car is that they did 2:32.7 with a stock turbo which is an extremely good time because they spent a lot of time to develop the chassis. A very great example for rest of the field to follow.


Maverick Lim of 833 Motrosports piloted his Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X to time of 2:46.693.


There are 8 participant this time for Street Turbo AWD. All 8 cars managed to post a lap time and there are no DNF. No new record is set.

Full Result Summary:


  1. Eldred Goh/ Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX/ 2:32.007/ Advan Neova AD08R/ 833 Motorsports
  2. Eric Chua/ Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX/ 2:33.712/ Hankook RS3/ Ptune
  3. Akzal Benyamin/ Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII/ 2:36.213/ Advan Neova AD08R/ Looney Tuned Racing
  4. Nazarudin Mohd Nordin/ Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX/ 2:38.009/ Advan Neova AD08R/ NAZTECH Racing
  5. Maverick Lim/ Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X/ 2:46.693/ Advan Neova AD08R/ 833 Motorsports
  6. Kaz Lee/ Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X/ 2:48.966/ Advan Neova AD08R/ RMS Ray Motorsports
  7. Chin Wai Yet/ Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R/ 2:49.889/ Federal 595 RS-RR/ R-Machine
  8. Roger Tan/ Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX/ 2:50.085/ Advan Neova AD08R/ 833  Motorsports


Street Turbo 2WD

Syaifuddin bin Ismail and his Honda Civic Type R FD2 went 2:35.944 and got him 1st place in Street Turbo 2WD.


2nd place went to Wan Mohd Zriff bin Wan Firuz and his Nissan Silvia S13 with time of 2:36.323.


3rd place went to Liew Park Loong and his 1JZ-GTE powered Cefiro with time of 2:36.841.


Netto Jeremy Dietrich and his Toyota GT86 did a timing of 2:37.091.


Smith Foo and his S15 did a timing of 2:41.435 with some brake issue which required a tow back to Singapore. Wish you better luck next time!


There are 11 participants with only 9 cars managed to post a lap time. No new record but the top finisher come very close to old record that is held by Soo Hoo Yew Kwon with only .085 seconds time difference.

Full Result Summary:


  1. Syaifuddin bin Ismail/ Honda Civic Type R FD2/ 2:35.944/ Unknown tyre/ KD Performance
  2. Wan Mohd Zriff bin Wan Firuz/ Nissan Silvia S13/ 2:36.323/ Federal 595 RS-R/ Under5ive
  3. Liew Park Loong/ Nissan Cefiro A31/ 2:36.841/ Advan Neova AD08R
  4. Netto Jeremy Dietrich/ Subaru BRZ/ 2:37.091/ Advan Neova AD08R/ HKS Garage R Racing
  5. Foo She Wee/ Nissan Silvia S15/ 2:41.435/ Advan Neova AD08R/ Perfect Power
  6. Jeremiah Ong/ Proton Satria 1.8 Turbo/ 2:42.768/ Hankook RS3/ Mile High Motorsports/Everco
  7. Saw En Chong/ Toyota MR-2 SW20/ 2:46.215/ Federal 595 RS-R/ SRALE IPIN AUTO
  8. Tung Fai Chun/ Toyota Celica ZZT31/ 2:49.349/ Advan Neova AD08R/ Srale CCM
  9. Nik Irfan/ Proton Satria Neo / 2:50.542/ Advan Neova AD08R/ Gtuned Racing

DNF(Did not finish):


  1. Clement Chung/ Nissan Skyline R34 GT-S/ Advan Neova AD08R/ DC Bardahl
  2. Mohd Shahab Shah Bin Amin Shah/ Proton Waja 4G63/ Advan Neova AD08R/ SPARTS-EURO ASIA RACING


Street NA-FF

Matthew Ng set a time of 2:32.484 in this Honda Civic EK with K Series engine which is the winning time for Street NA-FF class.


Ari7474 set a time of 2:33.269 with his K24A powered Honda Civic Type R FD2 which netted him 2nd place finishing.


Jesper Tan and his Honda Civic Type R FD2 did a timing of 2:35.172 which netted him 3rd place in Street NA-FF. We will be doing a feature for this car in near future.


4th place went to Chong Tun Lung and his Honda Civic EG with time of 2:38.378.


5th place went to Den Chong and his Honda Civic Type R FD2 with time of 2:38.749.


As usual, Street NA-FF is one of the biggest class that is dominated by Honda. There are 16 entries with 14 managed to post a lap time. Yap Choe Hoong is the only non Honda entry in this class with his Toyota Celica. He mentioned this is his first time ever at Sepang track, much props to him. There are no new record set.

Full Result Summary:


  1. Matthew Ng/ Honda Civic EK/ 2:32.484/ Hankook RS3/ Two Ben Enterprise
  2. Ari7474/ Honda Civic Type R FD2/ 2:33.269/ Advan Neova AD08R/ TwoForties Pentagon Racing
  3. Jesper Tan/ Honda Civic Type R FD2/ 2:35.172/ Hankook RS3/ N1 Racing Team
  4. Chong Tun Lung/ Honda Civic EG/ 2:38.378/ Hankook RS3/ Speed Racing
  5. Den Chong/ Honda Civic Type R FD2/ 2:38.749/ Hankook RS3/ Revtune Tuning
  6. Rosli Lee/ Honda Civic Type R FD2/ 2:39.007/ Hankook RS3/ EASTERN R
  7. Bryan Eio/ Honda Civic Type R FD2/ 2:41.080/ Advan Neova AD08R
  8. Mohd Firdaus Hazman Shah/ Honda Civic Type R FD2/ 2:41.681/ Hankook RS3/ Eastern R #stemetracing
  9. Chu Boon Poi/ Honda Civic EG/ 2:43.791/ Hankook RS3/ Acanta Autotech
  10. Muhammad Qamaruzzaman/ Honda Civic Type R EP3/ 2:44.758/ Hankook RS3/ Eat Sleep Revving Repeat
  11. Alex Tan/ Honda Civic EG/ 2:45.281/ Kumho Ecsta V720/ Acanta Autotech
  12. Ong Wei Han/ Honda Civic Type R FD2/ 2:45.843/ Advan Neova AD08R/ SYNDICATE H.P.
  13. Amier Amzar Akbarudin/ Honda CRX Del Sol/ 2:54.012/ Advan Neova AD08R/ Fuza Boutique/Colourshift
  14. Yap Choe Hoong/ Toyota Celica/ 2:58.129/ Achilles ATR Sport/ Srale CCM

DNF(Did not finish):


  1. Ben Leow/ Honda Civic Type R FD2/ Advan Neova AD08R/ LHB Motorsports
  2. Chong Wan Shyan/ Honda Civic Type R FD2/ Hankook RS3/ Revtune Tuning


Street NA-FR

First place of Street NA RWD went to our buddy Keith Tan and his S2000. The forward facing ram air intake does get everyone attention. Do expect better timing from this car soon.


Second place of Street NA RWD went to tag team of William Chong and Riley Woo in 2ZZ-GE powered Toyota MR-S with time of 2:37.320.


Third place went to our buddy Norman Souza Tan and his Honda S2000 with time of 2:40.538. He run a blog that document his own experience of racing his S2000. You can read it here: Here


4th place went to Essay Toh and his Honda S2000 with time of 2:40.876.


5th place went to Sharazi Ismail and his Mazda RX-8 with timing of 2:40.936 which is super impressive for a NA RX-8 on street tyre. Congrats!


There are 9 entries in Street NA-FR category with all managed to post a lap time. Keith Tan set a new record for this class.

Full Result Summary:


  1. Keith Tan/ Honda S2000/ 2:34.457/ Advan Neova AD08R/ Colourshift/ J’s Garage
  2. William Chong/Riley Woo/ Toyota MR-S/ 2:37.320/ Hankook RS3/ Riyoz Racing
  3. Norman Souza Tan/ Honda S2000/ 2:40.538/ Achilles 123S/ Achilles Motorsport
  4. Essay Toh/ Honda S2000/ 2:40.876/ Advan Neova AD08R/ RMS/HYDRODIP
  5. Sharazi Ismail/ Mazda RX-8/ 2:40.936/ Advan Neova AD08R/ Mun Kong/RX8 Club
  6. Jay Joel Ong/ Honda S2000/ 2:43.730/ Advan Neova AD08R
  7. Zebedee Tay/ Mazda MX-5 NC/ 2:48.740/ Advan Neova AD08R/ Riyoz Racing
  8. Tsui Wing Hong/ Toyota GT86/ 2:53.989/ Hankook RS3/ Team 9tro
  9. Adrian Wong/ BMW 318CI E46/ 3:15.317/ Advan Neova AD08R/ Kensei MunKong Performance


Street class summary

Congrats to our buddy, Keith Tan for setting a new record in Street NA RWD with time of 2:34.457 ! We will be running a feature on this very special S2000 soon. The previous record belong to fellow S2000 driver, Steve Toh of Riyoz Racing with a time of 2:35.6. No other record is set.