What is TTA(Time To Attack)??

TTA(Time To Attack)

Time To Attack is an event hosted by local automotive forum,zerotohundred.com.This event take places at Sepang International Circuit.Usually,there will be 2~3 rounds in one racing session. As the name implies, this is a time attack event.

Time Attack

What is Time Attack??Time Attack is a form of racing where there are no actual wheel to wheel racing as per say, the racing is the qualifying in traditional circuit racing discipline. This means that a driver get out to the track in specified time and put down a time. The lowest time win.Time Attack originated from Japan in the late 90s era, organized by Japanese Magazine “Revspeed” at Tsukuba.That is why time attack is associated with Tsukuba & is considered as where the sports started.

TTA classes

Generally,TTA is divided into Street,Super Street,Time Attack Machine,GTR,Supercar class & GT Class.

Current class for TTA:

Street AWD Turbo

Street 2WD Turbo

Street NA-FR

Street NA-FF

Street Euro

Super Street AWD Turbo

Super Street 2WD Turbo

Super Street NA-FR

Super Street NA-FF

Super Street Euro

Time Attack Machine <2200CC

Time Attack Machine >2200CC

GT Cars



Street Class

Shown above is Ptune’s EVO IX & he is a competitor for Street Turbo AWD


-Composite Body Panel ok

-All windows must be glass

-Minimal Tyre Threadwear 140

-Full dashboard, complete interior except for rear seat

-Strictly no Roll Cage

-Strut Tower must remain

Super Street Class

Shown above is EVO belong to Filbert Tan of Team RZER.Currently hold Super Street AWD Turbo record at 2:23 range with more to come.

-Composite Body Panel ok

-All windows except front windshield can be non-glass

-Semi Slick only,no double grooved or slick

-Full dashboard, complete interior except for rear seat

-Bolt in roll cage ok

-Strut Tower must remain

Time Attack Machine

Shown above is CT9A EVO owned by ST Wangan.This is one of the twin sister car.Currently they are overall record holder for TTA.


-Composite Body Panel ok

-All windows can be non-glass

-Semi Slick only,no double grooved or slick

-Full dashboard, stripped interior

-No restriction to roll cage

-Strut Tower must remain

GT Cars/GTR/Supercar class follows Super Street except for their different car type