The First RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF Porsche in Kuala Lumpur: Day 2


This is our third installment (including day 0) for the coverage of the ongoing build of the first RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF Porsche in Kuala Lumpur. Today is the 2nd day the biuld. The stuff mostly being done by Nakai San is the finalizing of the build process as most of the pieces are already on the car. The finalizing process involves creating all the highlight details with Nakai San’s trusty silicone application gun, trimming of the fender and body to properly fit the wheels in place and fine adjustments to the camber.

There were a few unique details that we noticed. Firstly, Nakai San allowed the owner to help out in the process of building the car. Secondly, his customer base are truly loyal to him as some of them will follow him to the build of other RWB Porsche’s in other countries.

We can’t wait to witness the third and final day of the build.